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    Launch Phase 1 –

    Launch Phase 1 –

    It’s been 3 months since the launch of We want to thank each and every one of you for helping us reach our 6 months milestones within 3 months! Our milestones consisted of achieving orders, number of users registering on our website as well as number of users viewing our website on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

    We aim to be the most viewed and most utilized platform in D.R.Congo. We aim to be a platform that is of use to every individual in DRC and to be beneficial in one way or another, be that convenience, efficiency or a platform to connect with other businesses and clients. aims to be the platform where you will be able to view all products and services available in the DRC.

    Within the first 3 months of our launch in Kinshasa, the team at have been spreading the word of the initial features of our platform, while growing the number of users, interest and reach to our clients. ‘Brand awareness’ is what we are focusing on, while adding benefits for our users. We aim to add products from all categories on our platform to ensure we cater for every member on our website. We have already formed partnerships with multiple vendors and we are continuing on adding on to our list. now has products listed under electronics, electrical appliances, electrical equipment, fresh foods, fruits, vegetables, clothing, baby clothes,  sportswear, sports equipment, generators, and more! Our vendors list imported products as well as local products on our website. Items are added on to our website on a weekly basis.

    To all local entrepreneurs, we encourage you to go ahead with your dream of perhaps building your clothing brand or any other product you have an idea of. Whether your idea consists of locally producing / manufacturing the product, or importing it to the DRC from abroad, you now have a place to list and sell these goods, while we take care of marketing your goods on our platform to your clients.

    What else?

    Whether your clients are in Gombe, Kitambo or Limete, takes care of logistical distribution in and around Kinshasa so that you do not need to worry about deliveries to your client! You can email us on to find out more on how to become a vendor on

    Our Phase 1 launch has been successful, and while we continue adding on to our platform, we will be releasing new features on to to ensure we continue adding benefits for our users and to become the most essential tool for all Congolese people as well as expatriates living in DRC to know what goods and services are available in the market while providing exceptional customer care.

    With technology, we can improve our daily lives. It’s a matter of having a platform that allows the population to know what products and services are out there. We asked our founder Mohamed Rahemtulla to share a few words on his aim and what he would like to achieve, and his response was: “I plan to take DRC online to connect the world to DRC, and DRC to the world.”

    Leave your comments below to provide any feedback or to share your views. – you order, we deliver!

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