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    SOMO Doucer - Savon Liquide 500ml

    FC 001 650,00
    PH neutre pour une peau plus douce. Enrichi en Agents Hydratants.

    L'Oreal Studio Line Indestructible Gel-Glue Xtreme Hold 150ml

    FC 033 000,00 FC 041 250,00
    L'Oreal Studio Line Indestructible Gel-Glue Xtreme Hold 150ml lets you confidently style your hair with extremely strong hold for ahairstyle that's indestructible throughout the day. Style advice: 1. Apply on dry or damp hair. 2. Spread evenly all over your hair. Then stretch it from the roots to the tips to create spikes. Twist the sections for larger spikes. Smooth it with your palms for an ultra sleek style.

    Celltone - Tissue Oil 200ml

    FC 041 250,00 FC 049 500,00
    Description Clinically proven to deliver 5 times more hydration. The onlyTissue Oil to contain 7 essential oils and snail gel. Celltone – The Premium Tissue Oil. Hydration is the key building block to great skin It helps to prevent stretchmarks due to improved elasticity It helps to prevent wrinkles and aging skin due to locking in moisture Aids with prevention of skin damage and healing Celltone Tissue Oil is essential in: – growing teenagers – pregnant moms – golfers, cricketers, tennis players and all outdoor sportsmen and women Anyone who spends long periods in the sun aging skin and anyone who spends long periods in air conditioned enviroments. ***Celltone Tissue clinically tested on African skin

    Peaceful Sleep Insect Repellent Aerosol 150ml

    FC 049 500,00 FC 057 750,00
    Peaceful Sleep is a clean, non-greasy insect repellent from South Africa. A proven formula to keep bugs, midges, flies and mosquitoes away, Peaceful Sleep contains 15% DEET and will protect against bites for up to 8 hours. Providing clean, non-greasy protection in an easy to use aerosol spray that is resistant to perspiration. Manufactured in South Africa and proven to be extremely effective on safari and in extreme temperatures. A light, breathable insect repellent that will not leave a sticky residue on the skin, ideal for those with sensitive skin.


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