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    Dice small size 50pcs

    Small sized dices for board games.

    Toy Plastic Balls (different designs)

    Plastic ball with different cartoons on them.

    Cartoon music phone 699-099A

    Pretend cartoon phone which plays music

    Dice medium size 100pcs

    Medium sized dices for board games.

    Toy squeeze 5pcs

    Mini bears made from silicon and are great toys for the bath or for playtime.

    Happy house toy

    Mini house with miniture accessories.

    Cost saving football 5 inch 1819

    Football for kids

    Cosmetic Play Set 7pcs set 1079-6

    Pretend make up set for young girls. Easy and clean to maintain for kids.

    Pretty 7pcs play set 1100-1A

    Pretend dress up for young girls. Very kid friendly and easy to clean up.